Friday, 14 February 2014

The cold never bothered me anyway

source: Brocken Inaglory via here

Happy 2014!

So, hello! It's been weeks and weeks (make that months) but I've just not felt like putting anything up, to be utterly honest. I had a brilliant Christmas, with all the Christmassy joy that I'd hoped for plus so much more, and hope you did too. We spent it at home, so I went around to Manfriend's house in the evening to spend some time with their family too, and then mine bobbed up to see Granny for a few days, and then returned home in time for New Year's Eve. My friends and I finished off 2013 with pizza (I having already eaten Chinese at home), beer pong and alcohol, and hailed the New Year with the usual garbled Auld Lang Syne as 2014, and, undeterred by our friend's unexpected firework spark to the eye, my family plus the Manfriend ate lots on New Year's Day at my Godfather's house as is our tradition. After that, we headed to Birmingham for a family gathering of the other side, which incidentally also involved much food and mirth.

On top of that, I've been working in my "local", aka the pub we all frequent, as someone finally wanted to employ me; it's hard work sometimes when it hits 2AM and you've been on your feet however long, but the people there are brilliant to work with and are all super nice, plus busy hours make the shifts pass quicker and I don't do many a week as it fits around uni. It is nice to have my own income again rather than leaching quite so much off The Bank of Mum and Dad. In fact, I booked a short break to Belfast to go and veg out in front of the tv with Bridget when the Oscars are on in March, and have just booked a 10-night trip with her too, to my beloved Rome! We've been on-off thinking about it since first year of uni and decided to take the plunge.Still riding as usual, and have the opportunity now to help out Manfriend's brother's girlfriend with her new horse so have been back and lunging for the first time since the beginning of summer although not this past fortnight as the weather is foul. Not as dangerous as elsewhere, thankfully, and best wishes to everyone it is causing trouble for.

I think that pretty much covers the major stuff! I got a 5-year diary for Christmas so will hopefully be keeping that up to date which may prompt more regular housekeeping around this joint too, though can't promise a thing. Resolutions for this year are pretty much the same as every year probably, so likely to not quite happen, but hey! Life is pretty peachy here. Without further ado, I'm going to give you a list of links, because hey (again), that's what I do:

So, in short, I hope you are having an excellent 2014 so far, and that the rest yet to come treats you wonderfully.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I smile up to the sky

I am completely and utterly terrible at keeping up with the whole blogging malarkey, so here is a brief bit of news and then straight onto many links I have for you today (try to stay calm, ladies and gentlemen!):

Still finding my Anthozoology MA lectures super interesting, minus the methodology one I did today;

Have a new riding instructor who is just not as good as the last one but my mum, who rides too, and I are working on that;

Also a new horse at riding who is the loveliest 16hh. black beast you ever did see, unless accidentally stamping on feet. A benefit of said instructor is that she seems to trust me with his green-ness/baby-ness so I've been riding him weekly (and he is cute, did I tell you that? Cute cute cutie patootie);

The manfriend and I went away to Lytham, where I have never been before, for a weekend courtesy of his grandparents as a graduation gift, but it is incidentally where my grandmother lived in her youth;

Whenever I walk the dog in the sandhills she insists on covering me in mud one way or another, usually via a beating with a muddy stick/tree trunk;

And I've spent a week trying to find a decent autumn picture that represents some of the things I love most about this season but eventually gave in and took my own less fancy one that I had in mind!- the things are the crisp, breathable air and the reds and oranges against the blue blue sky. They just make me feel alive;

Also trying to plan for Christmas (Mum bought mine and Tiddles' advent calendars the other day) eeehehehehee;

So, on with the show!:

Peace out, as the manfriend would say! K.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The sun goes down

The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now

Taken by Tiddles at Parcevall Hall

I seem to have acquired a lot of links to share so thought rather than tacking them on the end of my last post I'd give them one of their very own. Some of these may be quite old news now, as a warning!

You say you want a revolution

I'm busy adjusting to technically being a full time student again, albeit at home, which is strange and odd and hard work. The course material is super interesting though, so I'm really looking forward to it all. It's been a while so I thought I'd do another post with a bunch of photos, just to show how my summer holiday went down prior to Mexico (WOO), going to Newcastle to visit my Granny and to celebrate my brother's birthday before shipping him off to study in the USA, and then to Yorkshire for a quick country break. We've never particular done holidays abroad, but I've never missed them, and have had so many opportunities to travel through other means. We spend our holidays in fields and gardens and old houses and that suits me perfectly (because country houses eeeeeh a girl can dream).

Harewood House

So, photo-heavy after the jump!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tastes just like cherry cola

So I've been off and around and AWOL for a while, trying to fit things into my too-empty schedule, but now my brother is back from Ireland and my sister is back from Africa (SO JEALOUS) I'm back to being the middle child rather than the only child for the first time in my life. This middle child, though, has done good- two and a half weeks ago, I graduated with a first class degree in Ancient History. Lots of people expected me to do well at uni but I didn't expect  to pull this off. When I found out I showed my sister the results page, and she had no clue what on earth I was on about, and then took it downstairs to show my parents and promptly burst into tears.

Which brings me on to an interesting thought I had the other day whilst watching Pacific Rim - The main female character tears up a lot, and I caught myself wishing that she didn't before reprimanding myself for it. Just because a character cries does not mean they are puny and weak. Hell, I cry all the time (not literally, thank the gods) and that doesn't make me a lesser person.

Anyway, back to the point! We (the parents, siblings, manfriend and I) trekked down through Wales for a sweltering hot day and a half, alongside my dad's parents plus the people I've spent most of the last 3 years with and many others. In other news - one of my best friendlings is getting acquainted with a man and I feel like a proud parent considering she came to university with crippling social anxiety and no ability to talk to guys. Back to the point, again! We graduated! Didn't quite melt but very nearly did and look sadly less glamorous than one would hope for. Most of the ceremony was in Welsh too, which made a change from my brother's Latin one...


I've just recieved confirmation of my acceptance to read Anthrozoology, so onwards and upwards! It's a distance course, so here's to my wild partying days at uni (ha, most of the photos I found were of cakes)...

[It's a big'n after the jump! More photos. Skip to the bottom for links]

Friday, 21 June 2013

Fog on the Tyne

Mum was clearing out the cupboard under the sink and found this old t-shirt of hers in a rag box, and was going to put it with the others elsewhere when I mentioned that I would totally wear it. Hence, I now own a Lindesfarne Christmas Show t-shirt, and it is slightly embarrassing to admit that I also have (my mother was obviously a fan) three or four records of theirs, including Lindesfarnetastic. Ouch. The colour of the shirt make me look excellently tanned in reality though, even if it is rather short and so has to be tucked at the front, and I like the sleeve/collar detail too. Also, anything that lets me wear Christmas stuff all year round is acceptable by me.

Lindesfarne were a folky band from Tyneside, I think, near where Mum grew up, and are actually doing a Christmas Show this year again, after many years away, to promote the saving of their City Hall.

Don't think I'll be going along though...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

But I am up in space

Now if you've been reading a while, you have probably noticed that one of my favourite pastimes seems to be taking photographs of the view from my skylight. Hobbies also include stargazing from said skylight, and breathing in the air up there.

But now I am gone, out of Lampyland until my graduation next month and then for good! It's been nice, Asgard Wizard Camp, but boy was I ready to leave. My housemates moved out a couple of weeks before I did and actually I quite enjoyed the quiet, but home was calling me. This does mean I now face the monstrous task of unpacking everything. Eurgh. Thankfully my brother is away for another few weeks yet so it can live in his room but, effort. I'm going to have to sort my room and wardrobe out before any of it can go anywhere...

So that is why I have been absent for a wee while, and whilst I try to arrange my life here it may stay that way for a bit, though there are some things I hope to line up at some point. Whilst I'm back living with my parents and sister (genuine yay - I love being home), it usually ends up that I spend every other night and day round at the manfriend's which means my life is kind of not-so-flowing at the minute: no routine what so ever! I've done the 30DS twice since finishing (yep, I finished!) a week and a bit ago, as it seems hard to slot in. I have to do it in the lounge but don't want to have to kick any of my family out if they are in there, or thump around once they are in bed, so working on solving that one. I don't intend to do it daily anymore, just keep it up. You can almost see abs! Though at a glance nothing much has changed. More importantly, I feel a bit fitter, although the riding helped loads with that too.

In other news, my sister has her final GCSE exam tomorrow, her birthday the day after, and her prom the day after that, and then is off to sixth form college next school year. That makes me feel old! Another thing that does that is that on Sunday, the manfriend and I had been going out five years. Blimey. Admittedly it does feel like forever, but in that most excellent way where it is because you love them very very much. With that, these appeared for me:

And Mum actually had to buy a bigger vase than we owned!

Roses are my favourite flower, closely followed my daisies (the small lawn ones, not the huge ones!), so there you have it.

When I'm around my sister, who happens to be the funniest person I know, we tend to bounce off each other into hilarity, but today had the issue that we both were wandering around the house whistling/humming/singing the same song and so it never got out of our heads. How it got in to start with, who knows?..

Oh, and also I've had a fiddle with the design here, so if there are any glaring issues let me know, like if anything is harder to read etc. than it was before, for example. I'm not enamoured with the header, but was getting fed up of having the text come up with its HTML codes sometimes, so that may not be here to stay but most stuff isn't radically different.